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Leapfrog My Puppy Pal

Leapfrog My Puppy Pal 2

The Leapfrog My Puppy Pal is also known as My Pal Scout for the green boy puppy or My Pal Violet for the purple girl puppy. The Leapfrog My Puppy Pal is a complete customizable toy that connects to the computer so parents can choose the music and games, so they can monitor what their child is learning. Online there is a list of thirty songs and each toy comes with five preloaded, and internet connection is required for personalizing special features such as learning a child’s name and favorite items for a personalized learning and playing experience. The LeapFrog website also offers customized insights and creative ideas to help expand children’s minds.

There are four learning modes one found on each paw including: daytime songs paw, activities paw, lullabies paw and the on/off paw. The on and off paw is self-explanatory, it is how the toy is powered on and off, although after a certain period of inactivity the Leapfrog My Puppy Pal will shut off automatically. The daytime songs paw plays different educational songs that are active and upbeat, that parents select and place on the toy through a computer connection. The activities paw is packed with cool features such as the Leapfrog My Puppy Pal asking about children’s favorite things, pretending to be animals, counting hiccups, and talking about feelings. After a fun day the lullabies paw plays calming music for any young child to fall asleep too.

For more about the doll watch the video below

The award winning Leapfrog My Puppy Pal offers educational benefits around every corner. It teaches children their first words focusing on common names for shapes, animals, and colours so children can understand and describe the world around them. Children are also introduced to numbers names, values, and order through counting. Children develop a sense of time as they learn about daily routines, and as added bonus animals. However, one of the most beneficial features to the Leapfrog My Puppy Pal is that it teaches about emotions. Every young child needs to learn how to express feelings and recognize them properly too and the feelings of other too, the Leapfrog My Puppy Pal is designed to do just that.

Leapfrog My Puppy PalIn 2009 the Leapfrog My Puppy Pal won the Baby Talk Magazine: Toys of the Year Award, as well as, the Dr. Toy: Best Picks- New Product award. Customer reviews point out how cautious the toy is teaching sayings like may I and thank you, and also how very soft these puppies are! Children find friends and confidence in the Leapfrog My Puppy Pal and love the personalization features. All across the boards the Leapfrog My Puppy Pal is a highly rated and beloved item.

The Leapfrog My Puppy Pal including four learning modes: daytime songs, activities, lullabies, and power. Each mode offers different educational benefits and features. The Leapfrog My Puppy Pal is an award winning toy that in loved and cherished by both parents and young children all over the world, followed my many success stories that credit it.…

How is Technology Affecting Fitness today?

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The modern family is focused on fitness. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are now clear to almost everybody. Maintaining high fitness levels is one way of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Technology now plays a crucial role in enabling you to achieve your desired goals where fitness is concerned. Technology, in the form of wearables, is responsible for helping fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The wearable technology industry is now valued at more than $5.1 billion. It has come a long way from the $6.3 million valuation of 2010. Experts project that the industry will soon be worth a massive $12.6 billion by 2018. This proves the importance with which the fitness enthusiasts attach wearable technology to fitness and wellbeing. Since 2009, investors have poured more than $500 million in to startups within the wearable technology industry.

Wearable technology is not the only one capable of enabling people to achieve their fitness goals and enjoy healthy lifestyle. Technology has given birth to a concept known as Genetics Fitness Training. This concept enables companies to analyze the genetic make-ups of individuals before determining the kind of exercises and fitness training they should take part in. Through this form of technology, companies can optimize exercises based on each individual’s genetic makeup.

Genetics Fitness Training is ideal for companies that would like to promote personal fitness. The program is specifically significant in an industry where the recycling of other concepts and labeling them as new has become the norm. Genetic Fitness Training is without doubt the first genuine breakthrough where fitness and health through technology is concerned. It is the first major breakthrough in a while.

Interactive Journeys is a technological innovation that makes a major contribution where fitness is concerned in 2015 and beyond. Bicycle and treadmill workouts have become too common within the industry. Boredom sets in when individuals train yet cannot see the physical benefits. On the other hand, Interactive Journeys is a technological first as it allows people to see the physical benefits that they gain from whatever exercise they perform.

The Interactive Journeys allow users to take part in some of the best scenes such as Tour de France. This transports you away from the monotony of training or exercising in a single place for 20 minutes and suffering the monotony that might arise. You could run on the treadmill yet the Interactive Journeys program transports you virtually to take part in the Boston Marathon or other similar events.

For that reason, it is safe to say that technology has transformed the fitness industry. In addition to this, there is no doubt that the future of fitness now has a close relationship with advances in technology. If you want to enjoy the benefits of fitness training in 2015 and beyond, the best route to take would be to invest in the latest technology. Wearable technology, Genetic Fitness Training and Interactive Journeys are a few of the advances in technology you need to succeed.…

What is the Role of Interactive Features in Smart Watches?

What is the Role of Interactive Features in Smart Watches

Prior to delving into the reasons that make interactive features mandatory on Smart Watches, it would be good to start by examining a few facts about these modern devices. The devices are not only able to tell you what the Smartphone is doing, but also to act as health trackers. Heart-rate monitors as well as accelerometers are just but two of the common types of features that such devices possess.

With the Smart Watch, a user is able to do the following:

  1. make calls
  2. send messages
  3. tell time
  4. take pictures
  5. record videos
  6. listen to music
  7. watch videos

In the US, more consumers (51 percent) plan to purchase a Smart Watch within the next 3 months. This is a much higher number than those who desire to buy fitness monitor (44 percent) and smart glasses (41 percent). In 2014 alone, Samsung successfully sold 1.4 million Smart Watches. Lenovo/Motorola sold 500,000 Smart Watches. On the other hand, LV sold close to 420,000 Smart Watches.

The earlier models of Smart Watches enabled users to perform basic functions. Users were able to view various time zones, feed data and do basic calculations. However, the new versions and models of Smart Watches consist of some incredible interactive features. For example, with the new models, users are assured of the following:

  • GPS
  • Wireless sensor features
  • Thermometer
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Camera
  • Accelerometer

Some of the most popular types of Smart Watches in the market today include Qualcomm Toq, Sony SmartWatch and the Samsung Galaxy Wear. A Smart Watch is essentially an interactive gadget. Therefore, it must have interactive features. Going forward, users should expect such devices to have features such as gesture control at a minimum. Users should also expect to have an easier time receiving or rejecting calls.

Sending SMS as well as receiving notifications in real-time are the other interactive features that all Smart Watches have.  Through these devices, it is now possible for users to scan specific products and receive real-time data using the transparent display screen on the Smart Watches. Pedestrians also need help with navigation, which these devices have and will seek to improve with the subsequent models that manufacturers release.

Some of the Smart Watches available in the market today enable users to communicate with their Smartphone devices using Bluetooth. With such features, locating a misplaced or lost Smartphone is bound to be much easier if you have a Smart Watch. The screen of the watch will notify you in case there is an incoming call or SMS. Therefore, you will not have to keep checking the Smartphone to see if there is an incoming call or SMS.

It is clear that the interactive features on Smart Watches play a crucial role in simplifying life. For that reason, they play a critical role and are vital in the Smart Watches. Many manufacturers are opting to integrate the Smart Watches on Smartphone devices as a way of coming up with a single product. The next time you wish to buy a Smartphone, check whether it has an integrated Smart Watch to save some money. Check that the watch has your desired interactive features.…

Why Your TV is no longer an Idiot Box

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In the US, kids aged 6 years and below spend more hours watching TV than they do going outside to play. Still in the US, the TV remains switched on for around 7 hours. While parents might want to keep their kids busy by allowing them to spend more time watching TV, it is now clear that they expose the little ones to more dangers than previously imagined. Parents are also not safe with today’s TV sets – regardless of whether the gadget is on or off.

The era of Smart TV is now here – all over the world. The Smart TVs negate the nickname that the gadgets were once known by – the idiot box. With the new types and models of TVs, it is now possible to display the web content that members of a family visit by accessing the internal Internet connectivity. The high-end versions available in the market today come with a variety of features that include:

  1. Voice-recognition technology that enables users to do a number of functions such as:
  • changing TV channels
  • searching for programs
  • adjusting volume through verbal command
  1. online features that allow access to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms
  2. instant messaging programs such as Skype
  3. additional webcam that enables full-screen video calling

Moreover, the modern TV has several apps and accessories. It is now possible for users to download and install apps as well as accessories on to the Smart TV. Some of the leading players in this regard include Samsung and Panasonic. With the Electronic Touch Pen, users can now write whatever they want on their TVs. Users can upgrade to the latest specs of their TV models through a simple plugging of specific boxes into the slot at the back of the television set.

What users need to be concerned about is the ability of the Smart TV to capture some sensitive information, especially when spoken verbally. Where the TV requires users to issue voice commands, they might end up sharing vital information, which the gadget would capture and store or share virtually. If such information falls on the wrong hands (or ears), it is difficult to tell the amount of damage that the users might suffer.

The fact that hackers seem to be on a roll means that worries concerning the safety of information users share through voice commands, and which the TV captures, have strong foundation. However, in case such features make you worry, it would be good to disable them and allow the Smart TV to be less smart. It is possible for you to turn the microphone off while disabling the software responsible for voice recognition.

Finally, it is possible that the genuine threats that exist regarding voice-recognition is what has convinced manufacturers to make Smart TVs with gesture control features. The belief is that gesture control features are less easy to hack than the voice control features. Moreover, it is impossible to identify the kind of sensitive information that you might share through gesture control.…

Cloud Computing – How can Students use it in Enhancing Learning?

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Technology has transformed the world into a global village. Terms such as cloud computing are now all the rage. Any person who feels like ignoring cloud computing should rethink his decision. This is because cloud is expected to be the home of more than 36 percent of all data. Cloud computing eliminates the need for costly technologies as well as server tools. On the other hand, students are also able to use cloud computing to enhance learning.

Cloud computing is helpful to students as it provides them with an easy way through which to access information. What other ways can cloud computing enhance learning for students?

  1. Promoting Group Meetings

Students no longer have to identify a meeting place and come from all corners of the world, country or city for a group discussion. Cloud computing makes it possible for students to hang out on platforms such as Google+ and continue with their group discussion. The students only need to agree on specific hour of the day or night when everybody should be present on Google+’s Hangout for the discussion.

  1. Study Notes

Cloud computing provides students with access to several study notes. Evernote is one such tool that students can use to access class and study notes whenever they want to and regardless of location. Students and their teachers can use this platform to access study notes from any device. Students can share notes with each other round-the-clock. Evernote and other similar programs are good for the environment as they remove the need for cutting trees to make pens and paper.

  1. TED Talks

This platform offers students an opportunity to learn about some of the newest developments, which contribute to their education. In fact, students can base some of their classes and study time on what they learn through TED Talks. Through this platform, students have access to some of the presentations and speeches made by industry experts. The content that students obtain from TED Talks would be difficult to access through other platforms.

  1. Enhances Access to Experts

LinkedIn allows students to benefit from cloud computing by providing them with a platform through which to engage with experts and other professionals within their desired careers. The platform makes it easier for students to interact with some of the heads of different corporations and ask for opportunities regarding internships. Students will get the right value for money and time by making use of such components of cloud computing.


  1. Improved Storage

With programs such as SkyDrive, Google Drive and DropBox, students no longer have to keep walking around with storage devices. Cloud computing has provided students with bigger space to store whatever study materials they will need for future reference. Students can upgrade the space they have on such programs by making nominal payment. Google Drive has several productivity tools that students will find convenient for their usage.

Therefore, there is little doubt that students will benefit from cloud computing going forward. In fact, students who are yet to embrace this advancement in technology are missing several benefits that would ideally make their studies easier, better and more enjoyable. In addition to what students enjoy, the environment also experiences several benefits from cloud computing as it eliminates the need for cutting trees.…